Rent container

You can choose from our container of 8m3, 15m3 or 20m3 content.
Our 8 M3 containers are standard equipped with two doors at the back.
The 15 M3 containers are available with and without doors.

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  • A container for BSA must be paid prior to installation.
  • We can also ask you for a copy of your passport or driver’s license.
  • In connection with safety considerations, the containers must not be loaded above the rim.
  • Asbestos and/or similar waste materials, as well as chemical waste, should never be present in the container.
  • Damage to the container will always be charged to the tenant of the container.
  • Do not allow the container to be longer than necessary for nuisance to local residents and undesirable refills.
  • Any undesirable refill is for your own account.
  • Make sure you have enough space to place and drain the container.
  • If a container has to be moved because of nuisance, it will be borne by the tenant.
  • Checkout takes place in cash to the driver when the container is picked up (BSA must be paid in advance)
  • Usually you do not need a permit to have a container placed. Exceptions are centres where you need to pay parking fees or when placing on public land. If you need a permit, please ask/arrange with your local authority. You are and remain responsible at all times for the necessary permits.
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The above prices are valid within a 25 km radius of Wijchen.

Of course other combinations of waste are also possible. For more information, quotation or order you can contact Gelden Grondverzet BV.