Gelden Grondverzet

Here you will find further information about our business activities:

Ground works

Including building wells, gardens, etc. All machining ground operations are possible.

Demolition Works

The mechanical demolition of houses and buildings.
With our sloopsorteergrijper we can deliver precision work and sort the waste neatly.
We clean up asbestos for you in accordance with the current environmental requirements

Container Rental

For all your garden waste, demolition waste, household waste and many other categories of waste you can rent a container from us.
Click here for more information about container rental.

Mobile Debris break

We rent this mobile debris crusher with or without our specialized personnel. The breaking work can be provided completely by us.

Rental of mobile ground sieve installations

Our various mobile sieve installations are rented with or without our specialized personnel.
The sieve work can be completely provided by us in various groups.

Rental of tracked excavators, mobile excavators, mini excavators and trucks.

We rent our excavators with or without machinist.
We can also provide your diepladertransport for you.

Supplies of sand, gravel and soil

With our tractor-trailer combinations or with our container trolleys we can supply soil, gravel, sand and granulate or transport for you.

Sustainable demolition

As a sustainable demolition company feel, together with its clients, are responsible for its environment. Circular demolition is therefore an important subject within our company. The aim is to reuse as many materials as possible, and less material is deposited or incinerated. A circular economy is stimulated by sustainable demolition.

Products are reused as much as possible without processing the material, below you will find our separation plan:

  • Asbestos Remediation: Asbestos is not suitable for reuse. The asbestos waste is deposited at the appropriate landfill sites.
  • lead-B Wood: B-Wood, consisting of all wooden products will be brought to a recycling plant. Here the wood is stripped of nails, screws, etc. and the wood will go to the Vezelplaat industry that will process the waste wood into chipboard products, pallets, etc.
  • Start-BSA: Construction and demolition waste is difficult to separate in the demolition. In the construction and demolition waste all other waste materials are coming. Construction and demolition waste will be separated in the secondary waste stream from a sorting company in various waste streams to be recycled.
  • Lead-Ferrous Metals: Iron will be brought to the blast furnaces via the iron trade. Here the iron is processed in new steel productions such as steel profiles, steel sheet, etc.
  • Lead-Non Ferrous metals: Copper and aluminium are kept separate in the course and are separated from the iron trade. The copper will be re-processed into copper products, such as copper for E-and W-installations. The aluminium is incorporated into new aluminium products, such as profiles, plates, etc.
  • Running Roofing: Roofing will be reused for the production of new roofing.
  • demolition Waste-mixing debris: Mixing debris is broken at the recycling location with a debris crusher to Debris granule 0-31.5. This granule is reused on site as a road foundation and soil improvement.
  • demolition Waste-concrete debris: Concrete debris will be recycled for reuse in road foundations and in the concrete industry.
  • demolition Waste-plaster: Plaster is reused by a recycling company to process plaster into raw material. For example, products in which gypsum is applied are GIBO blocks
  • Demolition Waste-plastic: plastic will be reused for new plastic products.

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